Vocational Training

  • Computers
  • Music
  • Typing
  • Dancing
  • Exercises
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Stitching/Embroidery


This Centre attempts to teach MS Office – MS word and MS Power point by simplifying the procedures. Practical aspects are dealt with the child learning to type a letter, draw, make power point presentations in a simple form, and surf the internet. Theoretical aspects to help the child clear the Xth and XIIth boards are practiced. Question papers of the earlier years are available from the net. Enough practice is given to them at this centre.


Challenged children respond very well to musical beats. Listening to music and playing simple beats on the Synthesizer, entertains them no end. They simply love it. They can be taught songs on the Synthesizer with the help of numbers or alphabets, depending on their development.


Typing is best taught through the Mavis Beacon software package. It caters for all types of children. Beginners, slow learners, challenged children with different levels of development and normal children, all can be put through this package. Step by step the child can learn it, till he achieves a speed of 50-60 wpm. This is then practiced on the computers till he is ready for NIOS.


Basics of classical-Kathak and western style of dancing are taught at this centre. It has distinct advantages for these children. It helps in coordination of the body parts, motor movements, develop confidence and a sense of achievement.


Physical exercises, Yoga, Aerobics and Pranayam are very important aspects of overall development. These are actively pursued at this centre. These have phenomenal advantages for challenged children. Out door exercises for children who can participate are encouraged.


Besides the fact that this is a subject at the NIOS, a large number of these children have an aptitude for drawing. They only need to be directed and guided. The potential starts showing after a little effort. We have proper drawing classes by qualified teachers. Systematic approach to this subject brings out the best in these children

Stitching and Embroidery

This is an important facet especially for the girl child. Initial training is done at the centre with the aim to put children with an aptitude towards this side, through diploma courses, so as to start something on their own, later in life.

Modification of Curriculum

This includes activities that require active participation such as :

  • Discussion and role playing.
  • Visual aids like charts, power point assignments.
  • Modify tests into oral quiz, objective questions and such like.